Final Program is now available! (Keynote Speech and Tutorial Workshop Update)
The 3rd International Symposium on Education, Psychology, Society and Tourism
ISEPST 2015)

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2015 Tutorial Workshop

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The 3rd ISEPST is now inviting professors, researchers, graduate students, academics and any other interested parties to join the International Symposium on Education, Psychology, Society and Tourism. The 3rd ISEPST is going to be held in Osaka, Japan, during March 22 to 24, 2015. Papers/Abstract from professors, post-doctorate researchers, independent researchers, and worldwide scholars are welcomed to join this vital academic event.
Inquires referred to Registration & Submission, Accommodation and Transportation and so on, please email the Secretariat at isepst@isepst.org

ISEPST 2015 Final Agenda
201503-Osaka Conference Final Program.pdf(updated: March. 9, 2015)
Update information:
Keynote Speech
Title: "Riding the Burnout Wave (even further!): A Sociological Approach to Understanding and Tackling Burnout"
Presented by  Dr. Adriana E. Edwards Wurzinger / Saitama University, Japan

Tutorial Workshop
Title: " Getting to the Core: Reconsidering Identity and its Layers to Promote Creativity"
Presented by  Dr. Adriana E. Edwards Wurzinger / Saitama University, Japan

Important Date

Abstract Submission Deadline December 1, 2014
Extend to Jan. 1, 2015
Notification of Acceptance December 15, 2014
Registration/Full Paper Submission Deadline January 5, 2015 
Extend to January 26, 2015
ISEPST 2015 Conference Date March 22-24, 2015

  2015 Tutorial Workshop 

Dr. Adriana E. Edwards Wurzinger
Associate Professor
Saitama University 
Center for English Education & Development (CEED) - Japan 

International Travel Package


In response to a large number of requests from Taiwan participants, the travel package cheaper to OSAKA detailed information can be found below. If you have any questions, please contact the travel agent directly.

京東旅行社特別為台灣的與會者設計三都櫻花風情之旅, 詳細資訊請詳閱以下PDF檔,或直接聯繫旅行社諮詢。

出發日期:0322  服務人員: 王怡文  報名專線: 0937-985464
行程已確定可開團,延長申請日期至 3月1日 (機位有限,售完為止)

櫻情繽紛-花現風情三都五日.pdf (01/26 Update)

Domestic Tour:

AllStarOsaka customize mini tours help you explore Osaka with professional help from the friendly staff. And also provide difference experience to Nara .To find out more and make reservation or would like to ask some questions, please contact with agency directly. The price only for delegates, please mention you are “Higher Education Forum” delegates.

Reservation : http://allstarosaka.com/contact/

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VISA Announcement from ISEPST 

Please note ISEPST is not authorized to assist with the VISA process beyond providing the Notification of Acceptance Letter issued by the ISEPST Committee Board. 

Should your application be denied, ISEPST cannot change the decision of the Japan Ministry of Foreign Affairs, nor will ISEPST engage in discussion or correspondence with the MOFA or the Embassy of Japan on behalf of the applicant. The registration fee cannot be refunded when the VISA application of individual being denied.

Online Submission
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Potential topics include but are not limited to the following:,,

Tourism: Society:
Destination management Sociology of Religion
Hospitality management Social Complexity
Congress management Social Computing
Air transportation management Social Network Analysis
Archeological sites management Social Work
World Heritage and intangible cultural heritage management Social Systems Dynamics
Urban and re, gional tourism planning Labor Market  Sociology
Tourism policies, General Sociology
Inter-organizational dynamics  Global Society
Tourism marketing Cultural Sociology
Renewable sources of energy and tourism Ethnic Relations
Glocalisation: managing the global and the local in the tourism industry Economic Sociology
Ecotourism and sustainable tourism development Sociology of Consumption
ICT and tourism Civil Society
Comparative Sociology
Education: Classical Sociological Theory
Psychology and Counseling Political Sociology  Cultural Theory and Policy
Adult and Continuin, g Educa, tion Sociology of Emotions
Health , Promotion and Health Education Religion and Globalization
Family Studies Science, Technology and Society
Civic Education and Leadership Sociology of Everyday Life
Special Education Social Stratification and Social Mobility
Information and Computer Education Sociology of Spirituality
Library and Information Studies Applied Social Psychology
Rehabilitation Counseling Contemporary Sociological Theory
Early Childhood Education Quantitative Research Methods
E-Learning Technology Sociology of Art
Higher Education Feminism
Lifelong Learning Social Anthropology
Teaching and Learning  Sociology of Development
Social and Organizational Networks
Psychology: Social-Psychological
Guidance and Counseling Psychology
Community Psychology
Clinical Psychology
Social Psychology
Critical Psychology
Humanism and Humanistic Psychology
Feminism and Psychology
Liberation Psychology
Educational Psychology
Activity Theory and Cultural Historical Psychology

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Photos- 201306 Seoul


ISEPST Historical Program

2013 June, Seoul, Korea  Final Conference Program-Korea (201306).pdf
2014 March, Tokyo, Japan  201403-Tokyo Final Program.pdf

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