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  • Submission Deadline Extended to June 12, 2020
  • Notification of Acceptance June 26, 2020
  • Final Payment Deadline August 13, 2020
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URGENT News: Postponement of the ISEPST Conference

Under the serious impact of novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV), to reduce the risks of our participants, our conference committee has decided to postpone the conference to a later date this year. Details of the new symposium schedule will be decided by taking into consideration the conveniences of Keynote and Special lecturers.

International Symposium on Social Sciences

October 13-15, 2020  Taipei, Taiwan
After 7 years of changes in technology and social structure, our world is facing unprecedented challenges and many novel issues in the field of social sciences have occurred. In areas such as social and primary care, the justice system, education and business, to name just a few, social science is extremely important, and necessary.
The 8th ISS20 will take place from October 13-15, 2020 in Taipei, Taiwan.
We encourage a cross-disciplinary exchange of ideas and the sharing of knowledge through a variety of teaching methods and perspectives.
● Special Session: Human Rights
● Business Management & Information
● Economics & Finance
● Law & Politics
● Education
● Psychology & Sociology
● Communication
● Linguistics& Literature
Topics should be related but NOT limited to the following below:
Human Rights:
● Human Trafficking: A Human Rights Violation
● Business & Human Rights
● Children’s Rights
● International Human Rights Law
● Human Rights Development
● Human Rights Education and Training
● Conflicts and Cross Border Migrations
● Death Penalty
● Gender, Sexuality and Human Rights
● Human Rights in the Digital Age
● Refugees' Rights
● Theoretical Education vs Practical Education
● Preschool Education: Knowledge or Social Skills?
● Does Education Ever Stop or It Continues During the Entire Life?
● Education and Motivation: How To Make Students Interested?
● Education and Modern Technologies:Positive and Negative Impacts.
● What is Considered Basic Education in Different Countries and Why?
● Globalization & Education: International Perspectives.
Business Management & Information:
● Challenges of Small Enterprises
● Franchising VS Opening Your Own Business
● The Effect of Advertisement on Consumer Behavior
● Strategic Management and Productivity
● Staff Motivation and Impact on Productivity
● Managing Conflicts in Work Team
● Moral Principles &Their Effect on Business Decision Making
● Should Companies Exploit the Labor to Maximize Their Profits?
● Investing in Social Media Campaigns &Digital Marketing
Economics & Finance:
● Human Trafficking: A Human Rights Violation
● Accounting and Finance
● Economic Methods &Hypothesis
● Behavioural Finance
● Immigration &Impacts to the Economy
● Impacts of Business Insurance Policies on Small and Medium Scale Business.
● The impacts of Globalization on Public Policy Formulation in Emerging Economies
● Tax Fraud, Evasion and Compliance- Perspectives from Different Countries.
● Increase in Financial Instruments and the Risk Associated.
● Globalization of Trade and the Impacts on the Economy
● What are the Impacts of Stable Economics on the Governance of a Country?
● Impacts of Consumer Behavior on Market Growth
Law & Politics:
● Criminal Law
● Family Law
● Immigration Law
● Commercial Law
● Role of Media in Politics
● Political Science
● History of International Relations.
● International Law
● Employment Law
● Medical Law
● Tax Law
● Border Wall
● Democracy: Pros and Cons.
● Change in Politics at Wartime.
● Ethical & Unethical Communication
● Traditional and New Media
● The Discipline of Communication
● Forms & Types of Communication
● Key Communication Relationships
● Public Relations
● Factors Affecting Communication
● Challenges for Communication
● Media as Communication
● Communication as a Profession
● Journalism
● Media Management
Psychology & Sociology:
● Abnormal Psychology
● Cognitive Psychology
● Developmental Psychology
● Personality Psychology
● Psychotherapy
● Behavioral Psychology
● Comparative Psychology
● Educational Psychology
● Nationality and Ethnicity
● Social Movements& Revolutions
● Beliefs & Rituals
● Children Issues
● Sociological Analysis
● Sociological Aspects of Labor Migration
● Socialization & Individual Freedom
● Social Problems
Linguistics& Literature
● Cognitive Linguistics& Comparative Linguistics
● Corpus Linguistics& Applied Linguistics
● A Review of Language in Formal and Informal Settings- Evidence Based on English
● How Does Sociolinguistics Help Understand Language Choices of Multi-Linguals?
● Contemporary literature and Comparative literature
● Poetry and Prose (Fictional and Non-Fictional)