2015 ISEPST@ Osaka

2015 Keynote Speech

Topic: " Riding the Burnout Wave (even further!): A Sociological Approach to Understanding and Tackling Burnout "

Associate Professor
Adriana E. Edwards Wurzinger
Affiliation: Saitama University,
Center for English Education & Development (CEED)
Japan, Saitama Prefecture, Saitama City


In response to the very positive feedback and questions received from attendees and colleagues, I will be taking up the issue of "burnout" once again, and try to further our discussion to reach new depths together.

Nobody is completely free from the effects of stress. No news there.
There is nothing wrong with the exhilarating feeling of being challenged, with the adrenaline that a limited amount of stress (the kind you can keep under control) can bring to our professional lives, but how much is enough? Where is the thin line between positive, creativity-fostering stress, and simple, straightforward burnout?
During this presentation, we will uncover and discuss the elements of burnout using sociological principles, aiming at creating a scaffolding of strategies that would allow the participants to put together their very own "survival kit".

Be prepared to participate! This will be the kind of talk where you'll have to walk the walk!

2015 program

201503-Osaka Conference Final Program

2015 Venue

Osaka International House Foundation
Contact Number:
Information Center Tel: 06-6773-8989 Fax: 06-6773-8421
Address: 2-6 Uehommachi 8-chome, Tennoji-ku, Osaka 543-0001 Japan


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