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Previously, Taiwan was called “Ilha Formosa”, the Portuguese for “Beautiful Isle”. This means, Taiwan is a pearl shining in the west Pacific Ocean.For centuries, the island has been occupied by colonization and trade, leaving much deep pain and beautiful sorrow.
These historical traces have also left multiculturalism and exotic sentiments in Taiwan. After immigration and fusion for generations, people on this island are now happy to be inclusive of different voices and embrace others with friendliness. These qualities enable Taiwan to always top all Asian countries in democracy and human rights awareness.
ISS20 will be held in Taiwan from October 13-15. In addition to Taiwan being the first country in Asia ever to pass the Same-Sex Marriage Act, May 20 is homophonous to “I love you” in Mandarin Chinese. On such a sweet and meaningful day when flowers blossom and grass growsgreen on Yangmingshan Mountain in Taipei. Let us invite you to feel the beauty of Taiwan and experience the enthusiasm of our people.


Since 2013, ISS has been recruiting papers and holding interdisciplinary symposia on topics in relation to society, education, culture, history, and commerce. Over the past seven years, thousands of active participants have presented insightful papers and given wonderful speeches at ISS symposia, enabling the realization of the 8th ISS symposium with the support of many excellent scholars. We hereby wholeheartedly invite scholars from different disciplines to contribute papers and research findings to us and welcome academia-commerce collaboration. Please feel free to write to the ISS Secretariat for further contact.