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Things to do in Taipei
1. Dalongdong Bao'an Temple
Each year, Dalongdong Bao'an Temple holds a two-month festival to celebrate the birthday of Baosheng Emperor on 15th day of the Lunar month. The festival consists of several elements including religious worship, folk art and traditional crafts, historical site guiding, family-organized opera performances, pilgrimage and the fire-walking event of Baosheng Cultural Festival. It is the largest and most celebrated religious festival in Northern Taiwan.
Address : No.61, Hami St., Datong Dist., Taipei City
2. Dadaocheng Cisheng Temple
Dadaocheng Cisheng Temple is generally known as the Dadaocheng Matsu Temple dedicated to the Heaven Holy Mother, i.e. Matsu or Tianhou (Empress of Heaven), the patron of seafarers. Taipei Xia-Hai City God Temple, Fazhugong Temple, and Cisheng Temple collectively are referred to as the three main temples in Dadaocheng. A number of local cuisines can be found at the entry of the temple.
Address : No.17, Ln. 49, Bao’an St., Datong Dist., Taipei City
3. LongShan Temple
This temple originated its name from the ancient Lungshan Temple established in Chin-chiang county of Fukien province in the seventh century.Immigrants from the three counties Chin-chiang, Nan-an and Hui-an of Fukien came to Manka in the beginning of the eighteenth century. As they were pious followers of that ancient Lungshan Temple in their home town, they erected this one as a branch temple at Manka and named it after the root temple when they created a new settlement here in Taipei. Lungshan Temple of today is no longer in the original buildings constructed in 1738. It was rebuilt in 1919 and completed in 1924.
Address: No.211, Guangzhou St., Wanhua District, Taipei City

✿Zhuzhihu Calla Lily Festival

Surrounded by the peaks of Yangmingshan mountain range, the often misted green valley nurtures the elegantly white calla lilies. Blooming silently amidst spring drizzle, the white and green field of calla lilies at Zhuzhihu is simply soothing to watch. While enjoying the scenery in lovely spring weather,visitors can also experience picking calla lilies!

Best time to visit:March to May
Night Markets is a Must!
The Best Night Markets for Midnight Snacking in Taipei.
Go light on dinner, these magnificent markets add rich flavor to Taipei’s nightlife!
Raohe Street Night Market
One of the oldest markets in the city and one of the most traditional, Raohe stretches nearly 2,000 feet and includes more than just food—there’s also a robust craft trade here, with chances to buy traditional handmade Taiwanese items. Raohe also has a mascot: an owl with eyes that glow at nighttime.
Shilin Night Market
According to Cheng, Shilin Night Market is Taiwan's most famous. The market has a main food hall, but also spills out into streets surrounding the area, encompassing more than 500 stores.
Ningxia Night Market
Although sit-down restaurants are abundant here, Ningxia Night Market specializes in Taiwanese snack foods. It was the first night market in the country to separate pedestrian traffic and car traffic and can be found a short 15-minute walk from the nearby Zhongshan MRT train station.
Huaxi Night Market
When the snakes all left Ireland, it’s likely they went to the Huaxi Night Market, where specialties include cooked snake and snake wine. Huaxi is so identified with slithering reptiles that it's also known as the Snake Alley Night Market.

Located in Taipei City, the National Palace Museum displays the world's greatest and rarest collection of traditional Chinese art crafts and historical documents. These priceless treasures include ancient Chinese paintings, archeological remains of bronze weapons, ceramics, jade, sculptures, books and other antiques. With more than 700,000 items on display, many of which once belong in Beijing's Forbidden City. The National Palace Museum truly reflects the rich cultural heritage of Chinese civilization and ancient Chinese culture. The National Palace Museum was established in 1925 and was expanded and remodeled in 1965. It is currently a major guardian of the Chinese artifacts and Chinese cultural items in Taiwan tour and provides guided tours in 7 different languages, namely English, Chinese, French, German, Spanish, and Korean. Various researches, speeches, and tours are being held regularly at the museum. It has also published 130 types of magazines, periodicals, pictures, etc. to facilitate and enhance the propagation of Chinese tradition and culture. The National Palace Museum is an extremely popular tour site for foreigners who visit Taipei. Be sure to visit the National Palace Museum during your Taiwan travel! It is a place you wouldn’t want to miss! National Palace Museum Opening hours: All year, from 9 am to 5 pm. Address: No.221, Sec.2, Jhihshan Rd., Shihlin District, Taipei City, Taiwan

JiuFen Old Street
The Jiufen Mountain City standing alone on top of mountain peak is famous for its view of the Keelung mountain and sea natural barrier, along with scenic beauty of lofty mist. One can stroll along Jiufen Old Street in feature souvenir shops and taste local delicacies. The nostalgic architectures along the streets pauses one’s steps for appreciation, and walk into a Jiufen teahouse if you want a getaway from the bustles of streets. Each Jiufen teahouse is unique. Besides tea tasting, the intricacies of tea set making, various teas leaves from all over Taiwan, the brewing method of tea and its culture, the
design of the teahouse and its lifestyle beauty, delicate tea snacks and different seasonal mountain sceneries all calls for pausing and having a pot of tea, enjoy casual time and appreciate exclusive mountain sceneries. Night time at Jiufen holds a different flavor with brightly lit shops forming a charming sight. Stay the night and feel the lifestyle different from the morning.