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Tea Culture Session
Taiwanese tea artists directly delivered.
Apart from the variety of food here in Taiwan, you will definitely also want to try the taste of the unique alpine tea from the eternal fragrance of 1000 feet above sea level.You will fully experience the unique charm of mountain tea from the gentle and mellow taste.
This time, we specially hired the "Xin Cha Nong" tea artist from the frozen top Oolong tea town – Lugu. She will be demonstrating the tasting process of traditional KungFu tea and introducing several teas with distinctive characteristics and aromas!
“Xin Cha Nong” is from LuGu, the hometown of the famous Oolong Tea and was founded in 1980. Their goal is to focus on the production of quality teas and let people know about the beauty of Oolong Tea. Over 30 years of experience in tea, all their teas are handpicked and handmade! We invite you to enjoy this feast!
Taiwanese Tea Culture Session on October 13th, 2020
14:00-14:15 Introduction of “Xin Cha Nong” and their Tea Selections:
1. Honey-scented oolong tea
2. Heritage Oolong Tea
3. Lan Yun Black Tea
14:15-14:30 “KongFu Cha”: Tea Ceremony
14:30-15:30 Tea Tasting
How to Join
1. Taiwanese Tea Culture Session (including tea tasting & tea ceremony): $35 USD
For people who are interested in attending, please contact:
2. All delegates from our conference (Authors / Listeners) can join for FREE.
What makes Taiwanese Tea Famous
At latitude of 21.5-25.5°N, Taiwan is an island in the subtropical zone. Climate-wise, the mountains are immersed in mist and clouds all year round, which diffuses sunlight to give tea plants well rounded exposure for highly efficient photosynthesis. And such a high rate of photosynthesis gives tea leaves thick aroma, sweeter taste, and smoother texture. The relatively high humidity, abundant moisture, and warm climate make the mountains a highly suitable location for tea plants to grow and that is why Taiwan is one of the best tea production areas in the world. Next to water, tea is the most consumed beverage in the world. The commonly known oolong tea is mostly grown in Taiwan, and Taiwan takes up one-forth of the production of oolong tea in the world mainly for high quality tea.
Looking for a souvenir?
If you are interested in buying Taiwanese tea as a souvenir for your family and friends, we provide a special price for our attendees! Please log in to Member Center, click “Paper Management”, “Pay” and click “Add Additional Purchase” and finish your payment online, your tea will be freshly delivered to the conference for you!
You can choose from the options below:
Heritage Oolong & Fragrant Spring Tea
Content: 75g x 2
Taiwan Black Tea &Lan Yun Tea
Content: 60g x 1 ; 50g x 1
Two authentic traditional Taiwanese good Oolong tea inside azure blue qinghua porcelain gift box. Elegant and generouswhich shows the excellent taste of the gift-giver. Both tea are tested through the SGS pesticide residue test and accompanied by the tea origin certificate.
Two special tea storage cans of black teain the ruddy outer box printed with gold peony flower situating the blessing of happiness.These black teas are our midsummer proud work, loved by friends who like to drink tea or people with no tea drinking habits.